Welcome to Hanoi - the City for Peace

Hanoi, nestled in the northern region of Vietnam, stands as a prime destination for travelers. Boasting French-colonial architecture, a vibrant culinary scene, and a storied past (having marked its millennium in 2010), it captivates visitors with its charm. Among its notable districts, Ba Dinh District, also known as the French Quarter, houses government offices, while Hoan Kiem District, dubbed the Old Quarter, serves as the bustling heart of commerce and tourism.

A quintessential scene in Hanoi unfolds with bustling streets teeming with scooters, bicycles, and cars weaving among pedestrians, akin to a mesmerizing dance of motion. Sidewalks adorned with vendors and locals leisurely strolling characterize the vibrant ambiance, particularly evident in the Old Quarter. Though navigating through the traffic may seem daunting, immersing oneself in the historical tapestry of the area proves to be an indispensable experience, well deserving of every visitor’s time and effort.

Hanoi Old Quarter Map

Best Moments of Hanoi old Quarter