The best Hanoi restaurants epitomise why Vietnamese food is so adored around the world. With the cultural connections of France and China, as well as a rich native tradition, restaurants in Hanoi bring together many Influences from around the world and make every meal an adventure.

From refined French fine dining options to down-to-earth local joints specialising in one type of dish, dining in Hanoi is something to savour and with our tried and tested list of the most popular restaurants in Hanoi, you are sure to find something to suit.

1. Cloud Nine Restaurant

  • Add: No 27 Hang Be St, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 24 3929 0011 or +84 24 3929 0055
  • Email:
  • Website:

To be on Cloud Nine is to be in a blissful state of happiness. A number of theories abound regarding the term’s origin. The most popular attributes it to the white cumulonimbus, the 9th cloud out of 10 types first identified in 1896. It rises as high as a cloud can go, hence the sense of being ‘on top of the world’. Others attribute it to the mystical divine number nine or to Buddhism where 9th cloud is said to be a stage in the search for enlightenment.

2. Red Bean Ma May Restaurant

  • Add: No.94 Ma May St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 24 3926 3641 or +84 24 3926 3642
  • Email:
  • Website:

At Red Bean the vision is to become one of Vietnam’s leading restaurant brands serving modern Vietnamese cuisine with high quality and innovative ideas but never forgetting the roots and value of true and authentic Vietnamese cooking.

Their aim is to build a great reputation in the hospitality and restaurant trade. To help lead the way in creating inspirational dishes which keep true to Vietnamese cooking embodying the five elements of metal, wood, fire, water and earth that underpin Vietnamese food.

3. Lighthouse Sky Bar

  • Add: Rooftop floor, La Siesta Premium Hang Be, No 27 Hang Be St, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 24 3929 0011
  • Email:
  • Website:

This ambitiously structured bar (unique to Hanoi and Vietnam for that matter) is styled on a boat which creatively plays to the meaning of Hang Be street. The bar is ‘moored’ over the 10th and 11th roof terraces. Its ‘bow’ with seating area overlooks the street while the ‘stern’ with bar and lower terrace faces the Red River. Steps lead up to the ‘ships bridge’. Glass, metal and wood complement a monochromatic color palate of black, granite grey and hints of cream.

The environment is softened with trees and ‘blankets’ of green potted plants. Background chill-out music creates a trendy understated vibe. The pièce de résistance and the bar’s uniquely defining feature is the splendid red and white 6m high lighthouse complete with flashing light at night which undoubtedly will become an iconic feature of modern Hanoi.

3. Moonlight Sky Bar

  • Add: Rooftop floor, La Siesta Classic Ma May, No.94 Ma May St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 24 3926 3641 or +84 24 3926 3642
  • Email:
  • Website:

Moonlight, meaning ‘by the light of the moon’, is the 4th and most ambitious of the La Siesta sky bars. Moonlight Sky Bar at La Siesta Classic Ma May, is dramatically constructed combining interior design elements defining the brand’s sky bars with an iconic Hanoi symbol.

Glass, metal and wood complement a monochromatic color palette of black, grey and hints of cream creating an Indochina feeling. The effect is softened with flowering trees and living vibrant green walls of plants.

360-degree views circle Hanoi across Hoan Kiem Lake, the Red River and the Old Quarter rooftops. The bar staff to take center stage behind the octagon-shaped bar counter creating a ‘Cheers-style’ atmosphere.

Clearly visible from rooftop is Hanoi’s symbolically iconic Long Bien Bridge. Moonlight Sky Bar ambitiously brings the bridge to the bar. Walk above the bar counter across the mini replica of the bridge while looking out to the original. It is a daringly outstanding piece of bar design. This stunningly complements a great beverage menu of classic and signature cocktails, fine wines and spirits as well as a food menu featuring the best in authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

4. Highway 4 Restaurants Hoan Kiem

Highway 4 is a restaurant everyone in Hanoi should visit at least once – despite the terrible name. This stylish venue has classic Vietnamese furnishings, English speaking staff and a large menu running through Vietnam’s entire culinary heritage. The specials are highly recommended, particularly the cat fish spring rolls. Popular with locals and tourists, all food is served with plenty of local herbs which the restaurant tries to source sustainably. With separate sections in the menu for fire, wood, metal and water (relating to the cooking techniques) Highway 4 is perfect for large groups with disparate tastes.

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 – 23:30
Address: 25 Bat Su, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Tel: +84 243 926 0639

5. Green Tangerine

Evoking a quaint bistro found in the back alleys of Paris, Green Tangerine is a small but beautiful restaurant that serves some of the most creative cuisine in Hanoi. Definitely one for the gastronomists, the chef uses French cooking techniques and adds signature touches best seen in dishes such as king prawns cooked with mango and rum liquor served with carrot cake or marinated pigeon with coffee and cocoa served with beetroot, strawberries and mashed eggplant. The set lunch deal is amazingly good value and highly recommended for any budget!

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 – 23:00
Address: 48 Hang Be Street
Tel: +84 24 3825 1286


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